Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Great Scott! We're in 2015, Marty!

UPDATE: I've added some additional thoughts at the bottom, after seeing some impressive ad campaigns during the day.

They day has arrived. In the movie "Back to the Future II," the plot had Doc Emmit and Marty McFly going 30 years into the future... that date was October 21, 2015.

I've blogged more about how the movie got up-to-the-second weather forecasts on your wristwatch correctly over on my blog. Here, I'll gush a little more here about the Trilogy, which we'll be watching tonight with my stepdaughter and parents-in-law.

To me, the first movie, showing in 1985 (I can still remember seeing it in the theater!) was one of the greatest movies of all-time (it's #47 on IMDB but shares a rating with other 8.5 movies which are as high as #29). Marty McFly was the ultimate role model to 11-year-old me. He defeated the bullies, got the girl, and did it all with a crazy scientist wearing a Hawaiian shirt who harnesses THE WEATHER for time travel in an insane sports car. Are you kidding me?

I'm disappointed they didn't remake the movie -- in a year when so many other 80s and 90s films/series are being resurrected, but I understand why -- Michael J. Fox is struggling with Parkinsons and Christopher Lloyd -- my God how is that man still alive? And for the original movie, so many things came together to make the perfect film -- nothing, even with today's movie effects, could do it justice.

CollegeHumor, by the way, has made a hilarious spoof of how Doc & Marty would *really* feel if they were in the actual 2015:

Universal has also posted a "new" message from Doc Brown:

10/21/15! The Future is NOW! Doc Brown has a special message just for you. #BTTF2015

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Needless, to say, the anniversary has been heavily handled by advertisers (myself included)... USA Today decided to reproduce the front page from the movie as a wrapper for today's paper (brilliant):

And although Toyota is offering a "Back to the Future" truck (as seen in the first movie), perhaps the most impressive advertising campaign is the one they fully executed with scenes from the movies, to introduce their first fuel-cell car:

Well done, Toyota, well done.

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