Wednesday, April 25, 2007

O.T.: Photos From The Trip to NC [ACCU BLOG]

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Warning: O.T. Off-Topic Rambling Ahead

Here are a few photos from my trip to North Carolina. I'm still there, and the J-Cam will be going mobile again tomorrow (Monday) morning as I head back. This one captures the beauty of North Carolina in Spring. This, in essence, is what I came here for:

The road pictured is the road that I grew up on, and where Mom lives now. Boone Gap Road was finally paved this winter, after being dirt, well, forever. The newly planted grass was a beautiful, the sky an awesome blue, and the weather was nice with temperatures in the 70s on Friday when we took a walk on the new blacktop.

This is a good shot of Mom's front yard, which has become overgrown with periwinkle:

We walked up the road to Boone Falls, which is the local 70-foot waterfall. It looked good, better than it did last fall when I visited. The recent Nor'easter dropped nearly 3 inches of rain here, helping their long-term drought.

Then a funny thing happened. A guy up near the falls has a farm with Emu and Sheep, along with free-range peacocks, chickens, rabbits, turkeys and dogs. The peacock put on quite a show for us:


And we found out that turkeys are quite ugly creatures up close.

I've also got photos of the other animals, which I'll upload soon.

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful again for my college reunion in Hendersonville, NC. I took a lot of pictures, as did the others there, and I'll bring more of them to you soon. It was actually a retirement BBQ for my UNCA (University of North Carolina Asheville) college meteorology professor, Ed Brotak, shown at right in the cowboy hat. We had beautiful weather but most of us got sunburned. Can you imagine 50 meteorologists not knowing that they should get out of the sun?


I reconnected these friends from school, from left to right below, Gary "G" Utt, Scott "Scout" Lawrimore, Scott's Wife, Anthony "Lucci" Cavallucci, and Jesse Kenyon


Many more photos coming soon.