Monday, August 11, 2014

The Funniest Man on Earth

Depression is, unfortunately, not situational. Robin Williams was the funniest man on Earth but this disease ended him. As I said in this blog about Storm Chaser Matt Hughes' suicide.
"As a person who suffered from Depression years ago (in college), I feel I am qualified to speak on the topic. As Mental Health America says a couple of important things: "Clinical depression is a serious medical illness. Clinical depression can lead to suicide. Sometimes people with depression mistakenly believe that the symptoms of depression are a 'normal part of life.'"" The illness is further misinterpreted, or simply not seen, by friends and family who think that depressed people are just "extra sad" because of something that went wrong in their life. Actually, everything could be going perfect for you, but you still feel sad. That's what makes is so odd.

Fortunately, it's treatable. But only if you or those around you recognize the problem. As MHA points out, one way is through screening. Another is simply for your friends and family to be aware of the signs, which they list on their website."

The other thing that died tonight was Twitter, worldwide. The #robinwilliams hashtag was showing up in every major city on every continent (see below - click here for screencap of all trends). As of this writing, 8 out of 9 U.S. & 7 out of 9 Worldwide Twitter Trends were about the man and his movies.

I had most recently enjoyed Robin Williams' humor on CBS's "The Crazy Ones", but of course, he always had a few things to say about the weather:

Lest you think he's typecast as a comedian, watch One Hour Photo.

If you or someone you know has the signs of depression, please visit this website.

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