Sunday, February 9, 2014

Secret Weapons: FitBit, Kindle HDX & Gold Rush Fever [J39.9 BLOG]

NOTE: This blog was previously published under the [JESSE 39.9] blog at but has been absorbed into Jesse's main blog for archival purposes.
In order to achieve my new fitness goals, I have a couple of secret weapons. One is a Fitbit One:

This thing is awesome. I can track the number of steps I take in a day, calories burned, and even sleep! It's so awesome. It's also so small I may lose it!

Another challenge has been the cold weather - we've never seen such a cold winter here. As a result, the temperature in the garage has been in the 20s and 30s. Not great for the BowFlex and Elliptical I've been using. I do have a heater in there, and I've cordoned off the area, so that can help get it into the 40s sometimes, but in a week like this one, where temperatures are expected to be in the single digits for several days in a row, there's no hope.

The solution: The Amazon Kindle HDX I got for Christmas fits perfectly on the treadmill in the Fitness Center at work. I can now continue to watch "Gold Rush" Season 4, a great show that I've been with since Day 1.

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