Monday, January 31, 2011

Divorce And Taxes [JESSE 2.0]

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They say there are only two things certain in life: Death and Taxes. Well, I'm not dead yet, but I had to talk to my ex-wife this week so that we could do our taxes. Hadn't talked (and by talked, I mean texted, because that's all she'll do) with her for a while, and we've only talked about logistical things for the last several months.

I thought the taxes would be really difficult since we were separated halfway through 2010, but it turns out that just means that you have to file as "Single" so it wasn't too hard -- although I couldn't figure out how to get her name out of my TurboTax, so I'll have that reminder to look forward to next year. In any case, it didn't seem to make any difference so I have submitted my returns.

It's a little unpredictable because I don't know what she might claim on her return, so I'll believe my refund when I see it appear in the checking account. Hopefully that will keep me in the house a few more months -- after 250 pages of paperwork and six months, Wells Fargo has still not been able to reduce my mortgage payment, though I think they are (finally) really working on it this week.

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