Wednesday, November 1, 2006

O.T.: All Out of Candy [ACCU BLOG]

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So just quickly this morning, a few observations about last night's Halloween trick-or-treating, from me as a candy-giver and via stories from my wife and stepdaughter as candy receivers.

In the "when I was a kid" department... do you remember when...

- People never gave out fruit because the "PC" [WikiPedia] revolution hadn't started yet...
- People gave out fruit because they were trying to be PC
- People put razors in apples,* thus stopping the fruit frenzy
- People gave out unwrapped or home-made treats (now a no-no)

* says these rumors were untrue, even though the pre-internet media spread them and for a while you could have your candy x-rayed in hospitals.

Kids these days expect candy, period, especially chocolate, and lots of it. And I don't blame them. It hasn't been that long ago since I wanted the same thing (and I still do). I like to give out handfuls of candy, though I had to trim that idea last night when, after 60 or so kids, most of my supply had dwindled. And it was funny, you could tell who had run out of candy on my stepdaughter's route -- anybody giving any of this stuff has ditched the empty cauldron and headed for the cupboards (I kid you not, she really got this stuff):

- Pretzels
- Pencils
- Cans of Soda

Well, I was about to break into the 100-Calorie-Packs and Granola Bars myself.

A Ghostly Face Was Captured By
NASA's Aqua Satellite 10/29/06

As predicted, the rain held off here in Central Pennsylvania until the end of the evening, and even then was very light. The wind was the worse villain, causing me to re-light my pumpkins about 50 times.

So I went to Wal-Mart this morning to get the cheap candy, an annual tradition here at work. You can can see "Jesse's Cauldron Of Candy" to my left on the J-CAM this morning. Actually that's one of two cauldrons; the other has been donated to the other side of the New Media department here at AccuWeather.

Interesting tidbit -- back in 2001, I stopped by Giant Foods on Atherton Street here in town, to buy some cheap candy. Several months later, the FBI called -- they had subpoenaed credit card records from Giant because Cindy Song had disappeared in that area. They asked me if I had seen anything; I had not. (This year, I used cash).


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