Wednesday, June 17, 1987


NOTE: This blog was previously published in my youth, as part of a "newspaper" series on paper, but has been absorbed into my main blog for archival purposes. Click here for more information on this project, including abbreviations, notes, and help.


"It is black dark now at 8:25 pm. The sun set one minute ago and black clouds are moving in from the south. A similar thing happened as did last night. The anvil cloud from the East joined with the other storm and they both moved south but turned and are coming our way. It is raining heavily now. We just heard a very loud clap of thunder. The pump and all has been shut off.* J. Ferrell recorded a gust of 8.5 mph. Gusts in the trees are expected to be near 50 mph. The power just blinked... thunder every 4 seconds. Black clouds overhead... 8 pm cloud movement 1/2 mph, 8:37 pm cloud movement 60 mph. Lightning 3 strikes just seen... rain expected to already be 0.2"... Very windy... Winds ridiculous expected near 100 mph... 2 crack heard in the oak tree, top is leaning... live... hail reported... branches down on deck... close lightning... Frank* at Site*... horrible winds... Sally on porch.* Trees [sic] A 10 by 10 hole has been blown in the side of the site, pieces of the paneling on the deck... we smell fire. The hall light has been blown out and a hole is expected to be blow in the floor of the Site. Everything is ruined. We now hear ambulances, police cars and fire trucks on the highway. Phone is out - just crackling. Splinters of wood all over Site..."

The accompanying special fold-out map in the next day's edition detailed the destruction:

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